Monday, 27 July 2009

Global Choas (Hex) is another video i would like a copy of, if anyone has this could you please comment

Here is a utube clip from the video Global Chaos

In May 93 Hex released "Global Chaos" on vhs, a 1 hour sell-through Rave Video distributed by Imagine and featuring computer graphix so intense you may require shades to watch it! Soundtrax mixed by Coldcut. Global Chaos revolves around the story of the Alien Sphinx's trip to Earth to steal our resources for his own dead planet. On experiencing the Chaos which reigns on Earth and seeing how we have already nearly trashed our World, he realises that the only hope is to combine his psychic powers with the energy of Rave music in an attempt to prevent all-out destruction of everything by malignant Infoviruses and Fascist control freaks.

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