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Monday, 27 July 2009

Global Choas (Hex) is another video i would like a copy of, if anyone has this could you please comment

Here is a utube clip from the video Global Chaos


In May 93 Hex released "Global Chaos" on vhs, a 1 hour sell-through Rave Video distributed by Imagine and featuring computer graphix so intense you may require shades to watch it! Soundtrax mixed by Coldcut. Global Chaos revolves around the story of the Alien Sphinx's trip to Earth to steal our resources for his own dead planet. On experiencing the Chaos which reigns on Earth and seeing how we have already nearly trashed our World, he realises that the only hope is to combine his psychic powers with the energy of Rave music in an attempt to prevent all-out destruction of everything by malignant Infoviruses and Fascist control freaks.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


This is another Video i would like to get a copy of, if anyone has it could you comment please

Product Info:
Title: M25 Visualantics [VHS]
Release Date: 1993-06-14
Label: Visionary Comms. Ltd.
Type: VHS Tape

Format: PAL
Audience Rating: Exempt
Run Time: 30 minutes

Shed, Claudia Wilson, Gary Butcher, Ben Chapman, Well Hung Parliament

Music, Music - Popular, Music/Performing Arts, Rave

Below is a link to the site with some Video Streaming Clips


Grooverider Book of Love 1992

This has to be one of my favourite sets of all time

Grooverider Book of Love 1992


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Fantazia House Collection Club Classics 1

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Luv Dup

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Flyers Wanted

i am intrested in any oldskool and todays flyers so please give us a shout if you have any you want to swap or get rid off

i am currently looking for a copy of these Video's if you have any of these please comment

Chill Out 2

Format: PAL
Classification: Exempt
Studio: David Finch Distribution Ltd
VHS Release Date: 2 Sep 1996
Run Time: 45 minutes

and i am also looking for

Chill Out 3

Actors: Acidhead Arnie, DJ Clarkee
Format: PAL
Classification: Exempt
Studio: David Finch Distribution Ltd
VHS Release Date: 2 Sep 1996
Run Time: 54 minutes

There is a Google Video Clip of Chill Out 3 at the top of the blog

and Here is a link to Google Video of a clip from Chill out 3